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Just a Shadow
She smiled at herself in the mirror with a twisted kind of amusement, almost laughing at her dilemma.
Here she was, an assassin, staring at her red rimmed eyes and tear streaked cheeks in a public bathroom.
So many years breaking into military facilities, striking down dictators, and she broke down after just one kill. But then again, when she thought about it, she had never really been an assassin to begin with. Every last one of her kills had been celebrated by the world.
But now… now was different. She was a snake, a cold-blooded killer.
"Oh how the mighty fall," she mused as she wiped the remaining tears from her face. Once a hero, a savior to her people, now just another killer for hire.
She couldn't even remember the last time she saved the world.
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Power Play
"You're not strong enough for this fight. You can't come."
Her eyebrows slanted into a glare and her lips twisted into a scowl.
"Power isn't just muscles," she hissed ominously.
Two days later, she had a spot in the crew, and he was nursing a broken heart. There was more than one kind of power.
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It took thirteen point seven million years to build this world up.
She was born a healthy laughing child, with not a care in the world. Everything she wanted, she got. In fact, she often received more than she asked for. Or at least, one would assume that much. She couldn't have wanted death.
What she did want was freedom, something her parents were reluctant to give. So, she stole it instead.
One thing led to another, and by the age of seventeen, she was dead, killed in a bar fight.
She could only watch as the flashing lights blurred, the panicked screams faded out, and the world crumbled around her.
It took one minute to destroy it.
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"It's been a while since I've seen you around."
"You haven't needed me as much as usual as of late."
"Actually, allow me me to amend that statement, you've been too arrogant to accept my help as of late."
"... I never needed you in the first place."
"Oh! Is that so? I was unaware of this. After all, without me, you'd still be a man with no home, no life, sitting on the side of the street. Not to mention, you're life fell to shambles after I left. Logic states that you are, in fact, useless without me."
"That's a lie."
"Is it? Or are you the liar here?"
"It is."
A man leaned down and picked up a stone, and then tossed it into the pond, distorting its glassy surface. His companion spoke no more.
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Forgive or Forget
There's a saying, forgive and forget.
I my opinion, that's stupid. Why bother forgiving someone if you're just going to forget them anyway?
I prefer a different saying, forgive or forget.
Once upon a time, I would choose the former. But people change, and I did too.
Sorry, but you'll get no forgiveness from me.
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Counting Up
She was born counting, a math prodigy. And she always counted up.
"Marie? Hang in there sweetie…"
"It's okay mom, the timer is counting up."
"Sweetie, listen to me, you're going to be okay."
"Twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven… No, the timer is still counting. You can't stop it mom, and neither can I."
"You're just imagining things. There's no timer. You're going to be okay."
"You can't see it mom, but it's here. Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one-hundred."
"Yes, your timer is your heart. And it's counting up. It'll keep beating."
"No, it's not a repeating decimal. One-six, one-seven…"
Her silence said more than her numbers ever could.
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Tropers in Love
Only she could lampshade a kiss.
"Hm, The Big Damn Kiss, First Kiss, Concert Kiss, and True Love's Kiss all in one. Impressive."
He chuckled. "What, not a Hollywood Kiss?"
With a smirk, she replied, "Not quite yet, but you're free to try again if you'd like."
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and grayscale cities
and ashes when the cities burn out
coax wheezes
from my wind-whistled
static filled lungs
and force cigarette smoke out of my mouth
it cloaks the concrete
along with spiderwebs and ink
covering the cracks
of crumbled
weathered gravestones
and staring as I sink
:iconmoonlightwillow6:MoonlightWillow6 3 6
The Dying Season
a note
solemn, gray
like the muted colors upon an oak tree's arm
a blanket for the weary
those weighed down by October's fog
rest your mane of autumn hair
:iconmoonlightwillow6:MoonlightWillow6 2 4
tumble and twirl
twist and whirl
spin and spin
be a leaf in the wind
:iconmoonlightwillow6:MoonlightWillow6 3 8
A Matter of Destiny
Chapter Three
Unsurprisingly, I made it to my cubicle unnoticed. As usual, everyone was focused entirely on their work, a mix of editing and scouting for promising works. Most people here were actually college students on part time jobs. Miss Destiny wasn't too picky about her employees.
I wondered why she even needed employees. What was her goal in all of this?
I came up with one conclusion, she was insane. Why else would she bother with any of this? But then again she seemed sane enough when I was talking to her.
An exasperated sigh escaped my lips. All the answers were down the hall in that book. All I needed to do was read that, and I would know everything I needed.
But I still needed to pick up my purse. It had my money, ID and cell phone, amongst other things. I couldn't leave it here.
I walked into my cubicle and immeadiately noticed something wrong. On my desk, there were several papers.
"That's weird…" I said. I knew I had left my desk clean when I left.
Bitting my lip, I
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fly, don't run
sprint across the sky
kick up clouds
of dreams, not dust
don't run, fly
:iconmoonlightwillow6:MoonlightWillow6 5 5
some people fall asleep
to the sounds of the ocean
the metronome of Poseidon
keeping time like a clock
some people drift away
on waves of constant motion
the monotony of Neptune
pounding sand from rock
some people close their eyes
and absorb the commotion
of white-crested waves
the moon's pandering slaves
of the rhythmic tides
the ocean's pride
of rolling swells
and within each dwells
a symphony, an orchestra, a life
:iconmoonlightwillow6:MoonlightWillow6 2 6
A Matter of Destiny
Chapter Two
I came to the end of the page in shock. Standing there, I tried to process what I had just read. But only one thought stayed in my mind.
Jamie was truly dead. This wasn't just a dream. Jamie was dead. She was dead and never coming back.
However, before I could collect my thoughts, I heard a voice behind me.
"Ah. Miss Thompson, I didn't expect you here so soon."
I whipped around. It was Miss Destiny.
She stood in the doorway, her face angled down somewhat, so her long brown hair obscured most of it.
I recalled what I had read. Slight figure. Long brown hair. The story about yesterday morning. The prolouge, about Destiny.
Slowly, the pieces began to shift into place. Dread pooled in my gut.
"It's too bad you had to find out the truth this way," she said, tossing her hair back, revealing her eyes.
They were gold.
Everything clicked into place.
"You… " I whispered, taking a small step forward.
Her eyes, her beautiful golden eyes, narrowed slightly, then she broke out into
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Kitty Cat
How noble, the cat, a beautiful beast.
A lone, majestic creature
Not obnoxious in the least
How noble, the cat, such a kind hearted folk
A heart of gold
Shining bright, more yellow than an egg yolk
How noble, the cat, such a social creature
Mingling amongst others
Displaying their gorgeous features
How noble, the cat, so magnificent, unique
Have you touched their velvet ears,
observed their flawless physique?
How noble, the cat, far too kind to kidnap
So don't let this schmoozing go to waste
Free Fellow! ASAP!
:iconmoonlightwillow6:MoonlightWillow6 1 0
A Matter of Destiny
Chapter One
Footsteps echoed through the tile hallway, drowning out the sound of clicking keyboards. They were rather fast paced, and if one had to guess, the person causing them was in a hurry.
A few people glanced up from their computers, but for the most part, they remained engrossed in their writing.
The hallway snaked through a forest of small cubicles, each one containing a single writer clicking away at a keyboard, with the exception of a two. One of the cubicles was vacant. The computer screen had yet to go dark but the still warm chair was empty. Pictures and framed poems adorned the walls. Most of the photos featured a young woman with inquisitive blue eyes and the poems were signed Mia Thompson, otherwise known as myself.
The other cubicle was where I was headed.
Nervously, I tugged at the hem of my dress. Despite the fact that no one was looking at me, I couldn't help but feel self-conscious. My maroon dress was a bit too short for work and I had paired it with daring red h
:iconmoonlightwillow6:MoonlightWillow6 1 0

Random Favourites

The stars escorted me through the night
The stars escorted me through the night,
paving a path through weed and grass,
like a drunk tiptoeing on flashlights
the bottle clenched in forgetting hands,
blurring fireflies with lies like watercolors
dimming darker the hue of the night time sky
The stars escorted me through the night,
away from the bridge and its quivering height
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Changing History and the Future of the Group
My future taunts me everyday
With every breath, hope fades away.
If often whispers in my ear,
What is left when you leave here?
What was changed because of me?
Caused by anger or caused by glee?
Improving the world around me was
My noble, vain and earthly cause.
I didn't want it for the world
For my own glory banner whirled
In my own reflection see
Selfishness in the life I lead
My dying day draws ever near
All the more, things are unclear
The future shouts, now evermore
Of what is left behind that closed door.

'Changing History' - a DeviantLITERATURE Contest!
Please :+fav: this article to help spread knowledge of it!
Yes, it's finally here - the first DeviantLITERATURE contest! So, here's all the information you'll need...
Changing History - a theme.
Your prompt is to write a piece about an aspect of modern life had some important event in history had a different outcome to in reality. This aspect of the modern
:icondeviantliterature:DeviantLITERATURE 4 27
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MoonlightWillow6 has started a donation pool!
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I'd like to collect points for my main group, DeviantLITERATURE, for future contests and the like. Anything is appreciated! :)

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I mentioned in my last journal that DeviantLITERATURE was planning something big. Well, it's here! (And has been for five days now)

DeviantLITERATURE has launched its latest project, the Character Conception Challenge! Full details are over here DevLIT's Character Conception Challenge!July was a month of a capella nights,
Red heliotrope scores and blanched
Methadone eyes.
A singing of nerves hewn to a cry:
Fine-tuned and skinned
To carpal ascension,
The quivers of a quaver
Due to crescendo.
I hovered, wing-like, on the husk
Of schizocarp dreams,
But sprang forth undone
By chorus and synchrony.

DeviantLITERATURE's Character Conception Challenge!
We hope you've all been doing your best over at Camp NaNo this past month, and the Admin Team are overjoyed to announce to you an upcoming project!
With NaNo fever all over the Literature scene here on dA, the dL Admins got together and asked each other, "What is the most difficult thing about NaNoWriMo and Camp?" Then, MoonlightWillow6 came up with the answer - character building. So, we thought, what better than to have a month-long character-oriented challenge between the two months of Camp NaNo?  
So, we are proud to present, the DeviantLITERATURE Characte
We've already launched prompt number one: CCC: Prompt IMy weeping sorrows
Like shards of a lonely heart
Remain embedded...

DeviantLITERATURE's Character Conception Challenge!
July 1st -- Prompt I
Hello and welcome all to July 1st - the first day of dL's CCC! Your challenge today is a prompt. I hope you're all prepared, pens and pencils at the ready, or a nice MS Word open and waiting? Sit tight and let the character grow...
Your challenge is to write a piece of prose between 500 and 2,000 words from the perspective of a younger version of your character, meeting their older self for the first time.
If you have any questions about this prompt, just message us!
The 'deadline' is the eighth, however as this is just a challenge and not a competition, we will not reject pieces written for this prompt beyond then!
So, may DeviantLITERATURE's Character Conception Challenge formally begin! Get scribbling! :typerhappy:
Things to look forward to!
Coming up...
:pointr: Jun
and our first workshop (writing tips) penned by yours truly: CCC: Workshop IScreaming.
Do you know how hard I try?
Continually I try to make it work,
I try so hard.
I write for you,
read you my silly love songs,
sing them to you when you're having doubts.
This poetry I write for you,
I pour myself inside it.
But that is never enough.
I tried.
I'm sorry.
It was too much work.

DeviantLITERATURE's Character Conception Challenge!
July 5th -- Workshop I
Flaws and Development by MoonlightWillow6

Part One: Flaws
What drives a story?
The plot? The setting? The characters?
The correct answer, in a good story, is all of the above. A story needs a plot, setting and characters. A good story, needs more than that. It needs a riveting, curveball throwing plot. It needs a setting bursting with life. And in my opinion, most importantly, it needs interesting characters.
Characters are a double edged sword. Done right, they can change a mediocre stor

You need to be a member to participate, but becoming a member is easy. Just apply! :) DeviantLITERATURE might be a relatively new group, but we've been growing fast, and are always welcoming new members. :heart:

Now, onto item of business number two. As you may have guessed from the title, I am in shock right now. And that can only mean one thing.

I received another DLD! Daily Literature Deviations for July 5th, 2012Guidelines | How to Suggest a DLD | Group Administrators | Affiliation | Chatroom | Current Staff Openings
Daily Lit Deviations for July 5th, 2012
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
:pointr: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one
of your pie
for this piece, Tropers in Love Tropers in LoveOnly she could lampshade a kiss.
"Hm, The Big Damn Kiss, First Kiss, Concert Kiss, and True Love's Kiss all in one. Impressive."
He chuckled. "What, not a Hollywood Kiss?"
With a smirk, she replied, "Not quite yet, but you're free to try again if you'd like."

I can't even begin to say how much of an honor this is. A trillion thanks to doodlerTM! (:icondoodlertm: ) And also to Flash Fiction Month, for motivating me to write this piece in the first place.

Wow... it had always been my goal to earn a DLD, and now I have two. Thanks so much to everyone on dA. You've helped me grow as a writer, and a person. You guys rock! :)

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Thanks for dropping by! :)


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